mission  we are devoted to delivering fresh, good for you food. It’s what gets us to work on monday mornings and keeps us working late on friday night. we believe that you can eat great food, fast. It can be colorful and sloppy and just make you feel good. we believe yummy noodles served over a big bowl of warm homemade broth makes people happy and fills their bodies up with joy. we like to think of it as one big hug—from us to you. 



ingredients  we cook with locally sourced quality ingredients making our snacks, salads, buns and bowls fresh and good. our beef is grass fed. our spicy catsup (power catsup) is made in-house without excess sugar and salt. our fish were once swimming in the great lakes.


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company noodlecat, is one part of the Cleveland-based restaurant group Team Sawyer, founded by James Beard Award Winning Chef, Jonathon Sawyer. Their all encompassing food family includes 6 restaurants, 1 vinegar company, and a not-for-profit catering outreach, Team Sawyer Culinary.